About us

Sultry was co-founded by two best friends. Throughout the years they have their “Girl Talk” either at work or in their personal time. Their discussions ranged from business, love, marriage, spiritual awareness and of course “sex and fantasies”

Sultry – attractive in a way that suggests a passionate nature.

As friends there was still that taboo when talking about their deep sexual fantasies and pleasure, but why should it be a taboo? Shyness, lack of confidence, insecurities, and a stigma of trashy talk? 

In general, the opposite sex is more open about sex, so why is that women are not as comfortable to discuss their sexual desire, needs and wants?

Nevertheless, as time grew, and they entrusted one another with the exploration of their own sexual yearning and needs. This new individual discovery created more awareness of themselves, they both started to openly discuss their sexual preferences, needs and favourite sensual toys they chose. This erotic inquisitive nature pushed them to create Sultry, if these two ambitious businesswomen who are already running a million-pound company could non-apologetically found their sexual freedom, why shouldn’t other women find theirs?

Sultry is an online based website, where women can freely purchase sexual erotic toys and lubricants. All the products accessible on our website have been carefully selected to support women with loving and exploring their bodies to be more confident in what they like in the bedroom. The products can be confidently used unaccompanied or accompanied. 

Sultry sucker toy in london
Our Aim
Sultry’s main aim is to assist all, who classify themselves as a woman, to become more sexually confident and free, women to enjoy touching and exploring their bodies, understanding what they relish to seek maximum pleasure…oooh. 

We are here to be empowered so why not start within, we encourage all women of consensual age to feel, sensual, sassy, sexy and sexually wild. 

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